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codeMESSAGING allows quick and easy distribution of text messages and C.A.D. text message dispatches through existing cell-phones, pagers, tablets and other mobile devices. Have confidence your messages reach their destination quickly and privately with such enhanced features as:

  • Text messaging from any web-browser. No software to install or maintain|
  • Monitor all dispatches and responder status in REAL TIME via the Command Center and Response Check displays.
  • Users may maintain their own profile and update their mobile devices anytime.
  • Broadcast messages to your department from your phone without entering everyones information.
  • Keeping numbers private and secure, users only see names and every message is SIGNED.
  • Scheduling messages. Perfect for reminders and important announcements.
  • Unlimited grouping of users. Even set your own private groups for personal use.
  • Infinite review of past sent and received messages with the online logging feature.



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