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Hangar 14 Solutions, LLC, which produces StreetWise CADlink tablet-based response information software, has announced a strategic partnership with CodeMESSAGING.net, providers of text messaging dispatch services for fire departments. Phil Kouwe, President of Hangar 14 Solutions, described the relationship as "a perfect fit".

"Our company has a great tablet solution for emergency responders, but it depends on fast and accurate transfer of information from a client's dispatch center. CodeMESSAGING.net excels in providing solutions for CAD messaging export. For many of our clients, we'll be leveraging their expertise to ensure the best operation of our software," said Kouwe.

CodeMessaging.net.s President, Dewey Thomas, re-iterated the benefit, "We choose our partners carefully and StreetWise CADlink is an ideal fit to our network. Now first-responders are able to receive and map the alert on their mobile device, monitor the status of other responders in the station, and use that same information in the apparatus en-route to the call via StreetWise CADlink seamlessly and in real-time. It's a game changer.

The agreement includes cooperative marketing efforts and will also allow both companies to offer discounts to each other's clients. Current CodeMESSAGING.net users will see discounted initiation fees if they want to subscribe to StreetWise CADlink's tablet response software. Likewise, clients of StreetWise can choose to integrate the full range of text and response messaging management services that CodeMESSAGING.net users enjoy at a discounted rate.

StreetWise CADlink Information - What is it?

StreetWise CADlink is a mobile device application for Android tablets that brings MDT solutions to fire departments for fractions of the cost traditional options require. The ability to map call location, monitor department apparatus locations in real-time, and pre-plan locations with a click of the tablet's camera are all provided by StreetWise CADlink.

To inquire about getting started with a full CAD/Dispatch account in CodeMessaging.net and allow your users to easily connect with StreetWise CADlink Contact Us!.




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