Text-Messaging and Dispatching Through Existing Phones and Mobile Devices!

No contracts and no additional fees. Area deployment discounts up to 60% off!


For Departments

Do you need to receive text message alerts of your fire department dispatch alarms? CodeMessaging.net allows you to bring your normal dispatch data to your personal mobile devices.

Take control of where your emergency 911 dispatch information is sent and displayed! No longer will you be restricted to in-house printers or mandatory pagers. Have your fire department dispatches sent to your mobile phones via text messaging (sms), e-mail accounts, or even display them automatically on any computer monitor!

With the CodeMessaging.net CAD Link Module, your base account is connected to your local emergency dispatch center's CAD system. CodeMessaging.net will pick-up your emergency 911 dispatch information and route it wherever you require via text message, e-mail, or other protocols. CodeMessaging.net can even filter out or modify the dispatch information as you need to allow for call-type notifications, blocking of sensitive information, alerting by unit, or other requirement you may have.

CodeMessaging.net is currently deployed in dispatch centers across the country so getting started may be easier than you think!

For Dispatch Centers

CodeMessaging.net offers a unique solution to mobile dispatching for dispatch centers who may not have the time or ability to deploy a system on their own. CodeMessaging.net supports many various methods of connecting to a CAD system, including customized solutions if your center uses a legacy CAD application. Once established, CodeMessaging.net is able to quickly route dispatch data to the individual recipients’ mobile devices, e-mail accounts, printers, sign-boards, or any computer monitor!

By allowing the individual departments and responders to manage their own mobile profiles, the dispatch center is free from entering or updating phone numbers in their in-house text-messaging system. The end-user can decide where their dispatch information is routed and the dispatch center does not need to worry about handling support requests or troubleshooting messaging errors.

Once established, the dispatch center is able to monitor, track, and initiate real-time dispatch alerts for any agency under their control. If a neighboring county/district/area uses CodeMessaging.net, it is also possible to co-integrate the deployments for easy mutual-aid management. By using a hierarchical approach to account deployments, dispatch centers are always provided with the most up-to-date and current information for the departments they service.

Of course, there is no cost to the dispatch center directly to enable a CAD Link with CodeMessaging.net. Please inquire on our contact us page for more details on how a simple link can be established between your dispatch CAD Software and CodeMessaging.net. Customized solutions are frequently possible without any costs being incurred!




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